Canned in oil

Today, among the variety of an assortment of the canned goods, it is difficult for the consumer to make a proper and desirable choice. 

Midst the canned goods that can be purchased, there are many proposals. To choose the desired one a man has to know the purpose of the use of the product: side dishes, snacks, salads, breakfasts, lunches , dinners , home parties dishes, traveling dishes, hunting trips meals. And what is the most importantly, it is to have the new taste experiences.

    Company "Kalyna" Ltd. Offers the premium products: canned vegetables and vegetable-mushroom mixes in oil:

"Grilled pepper in oil"

Specially selected varieties of the sweet peppers are pre-baked, grilled, and soaked in a marinade of the range of the spicy spices. The unique technology of the vegetables on the grill allows you not only to get a product with a taste of vegetables cooked on the fire, but to be sure that all the nutrients and minerals were saved in it.

" Zucchini grilled in oil "

 Selected varieties of zucchini pre-baked and grilled. Marinated in a special solution of a set of the Mediterranean spices. The finished product allows you to enjoy the taste of the grilled food even at home in all types of weather. 

"Tomatoes dried in oil"

 Selected varieties of the tomatoes dried and cooked with the old technology, soaked in a marinade of the Mediterranean spices set.

"Peperonchini with cheese"

  Unique in Ukraine, carefully selected varieties of the hot pepper that takes it’s origin from Italy (Peperoncini). The way of pre-soaking in a marinade of the spices and stuffing with cheese, adds a kind of piquancy to the European delicacy.

"Mushrooms baked"

  Selected white mushrooms from the ecologically clean areas carefully cleaned and baked in the oven.

Delicacies of the nations of the world have a unique technology of preparation and are the main interesting novelty in any meal.

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