Finished result of processing of mushrooms can be frozen (cutted on the form of cube, by strips, whole, and also salted)

Container: channeled, cardboard box, plastic containers, sack of polyethylene or polypropylene, whether material of customer.

Weight: from 0,2 kg to 25 kg

Cepe (Boletus)

Boletus– Boletus edulis
The local names are a mushroom the true, dubrivnik. Family — Boletaceae.

A cap is 3-15 (25) cm. in diameter, semispherical protuberant prostrate, gray, red, brown or the color of nut, thin and wrinkled. A skin is not taken off. Pores are light grey, afterwards yellow, dark green or light brown. Spores are extended, yellow-green, 15-18 x 4-5/7 mcm. A leg is 4-15(20) x 2-5(6) cm, dirtily white, grey, brown, thin and wrinkled, in overhead part with a thin white net. The pulp is dense, white, at a scission does not change, with a pleasant smell and taste.

Meets on all of Ukraine: grows in the leafy (under oak, beech, hornbeam, birch, hazel) and coniferous (under a pine-tree, fir-tree) forests; in June — October. Is the best from the known edible mushrooms. Utilize fresh, can be preserved dry, salt, pickle. Contains the alkaloid (peculiar also to the table beets). Use at breast pang, tuberculosis, decline of general tone, against tumors. Provide in Prikarpattya and on Polissya. The uneatable mushroom girchak (Boletus felleus), alike the Cepe. But the girchak has rose spores, a net on a leg is black, pulp is very bitter.

Proteins, g, not less Fats, g, no more Carbohydrates, g, no more Caloric content, kcal
3,2 1,4 0,9 29

Chanterelle– Cantharellus sibarius

Family – Cantharellaceae.
Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius Fr.) Local name is chanterelle ordinary. A cap 2,5-4(5) cm. in diameter, protuberant, flat or concave, often asymmetric, yellow and smooth. Plates are narrow, with deep wrinkles, yellow. Spores of 7,5-9,5 Х 3,5-5 mcm. A leg is short, 2-4 cm. long, the same color of cap, dense. The pulp is white, with a pleasant smell.

They are widespread on all of Ukraine. Grows in the coniferous and leafy forests; in July - November. Edible mushroom, in the pulp has vitamin В2. fresh, can be preserved salt, pickle. Provide in Prikarpattya and in all of areas of Polissya.

Proteins, g, not less Fats, g, no more Carbohydrates, g, no more Caloric content, kcal
1,6 1,1 1,5 22

Annulated Boletus

Suillus luteus

Proteins, g 2,4
Fats, g 0,7
Carbohydrates, g 0,5
Caloric content, kcal 18

Honey Fungus

Armillariella mellea

Proteins, g 2,2
Fats, g 1,2
Carbohydrates, g 0,5
Caloric content, kcal 23

Boletus Badius

Xerocomus badius

Proteins, g 3,2
Fats, g 0,9
Carbohydrates, g 1,1
Caloric content, kcal 22

Rough Boletus

Leccinum scabrum

Proteins, g 2,3
Fats, g 0,9
Carbohydrates, g 1,4
Caloric content, kcal 23
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