Freezing of fruits and berries conducted in a fluids tunnel of shock freeze.

Process of processing is automated

Possible sorting: 1 sort, extra sort.

Container: channelled, cardboard box, containers is from protective material, sack of polyethylene or polypropylene, paper three-stratified sack, whether material of customer.

Weight: from 0,2 kg to 25 kg

Strawberry - (Fragaria viridis L.)

We cropped 50 hectares of strawberry in 2006-2007 year.
Sorts: zenga-zengana, polka, crown.

Berries contain Saccharum, organic acids (apple, lemon, salicylic, quinine and other), phosphoric and lime salts, ferrum, pectin and tannic matters, paint matters of group of anthocyanin, vitamin C, carotin, tracks of vitamin B, essential oil, phytoncids. Leaves contain ascorbic acid (250-300 mg), tracks of alkaloids, tannic matters; rhizomes and root have tannic matters.

Apple - (Malus domestica)

From October, 2007 in the refrigeration chambers of enterprise on storage in a fresh kind in a gas environment it is stopped up 100 t. apples of sort of aldared.

Fruits contain an apple, wine, lemon and other organic acids, Saccharum (glucose, saccharose and others), vitamins C, A, В1, carotin, tannic and pectin matters, microelements (ferrum, potassium, calcium, magnesium et al), essential oil, and other matters.

Planted all, ga Sorts Planned harvest, tone
73,8 М-9 Ayderade, Mutz, Florin,Gala, R.Simirenko, 800 Johnagold, Melrous, Korey, Red Delishes, Golden Delishes, Golden Rezistent 800

Vine - (Vitis)

In September, 2007 in the refrigeration chambers of enterprise on storage in a fresh kind in a gas environment it is stopped up 80 t. to the vine of sort of moldova.

Fruits of vine are rich in Saccharum (to 27%), tannic, paint and pectin matters, organic acids (to 0,9%), salts of potassium, calcium, ferrum, magnesium, manganese, cobalt (to 0,4%), essential oil, carotin, vitamins of B1, В2, B3, В12, C, P, PP and folic acid. In seed there are a lot off fat oils (4-19%) and tannic matters (1,8-8%). Leaves contain vitamin C.

Cherry - (Cerasus vulgaris)

Equipments of enterprise allow to freeze cherries without stones.

Successful combination of vitamins C, В2 and В6, and also ferrum and magnesium will help those, who have anemia. Ascorbic acid with the vitamin P and tannic matters tones up and strengthens the circulatory system capillaries, reduces the promoted arterial pressure and promotes firmness of organism to action of penetrable radiation.

Merry - (Cerasus avium)

Equipments of enterprise allow to freeze cherries without stones.

Fruits of merry contain a 7-15% Saccharum (glucose, fructose, saccharose), 0,36-1,1% acids (apple and other), vitamin C. In the kernel of stone to a 30% of oils, used in perfume industry. Wood is applied in joiner's business, for making musical instruments.

Planted all, ga Sorts Planned harvest, tone
276 Big Chkalov, Small Black, Dilema, Dream, Surprising, Surprise, Megalocarpous, Fairy-tale, General, Romanticism, June. 1500

Apricot - (Prunus armeniaca)

Equipments of enterprise allow to freeze apricots without stones, by halves to the temperature -20? C.

Fruits contain a lot of provitamin A (what adds them an orange color), nicotine acid, vitamins В1 and C, salts of potassium. Pulp of fruits contains a big amount of Saccharum (4,7-27%; a saccharose prevails in mature fruits), a bit of dextrin, inuline and starch, acids (apple and lemon) and other. Seed contain non-drying fat oil (35-60%), near on chemical composition to peachy, glycoside amigdalin, enzymes (imulsin and lactose), hydrocyanic acid.

Planted all, ga Sorts Planned harvest, tone
34 Shallow Early, Shallow Late, Red Cheek, Announcement, Pineapple 324

Peach - (Prunus persica)

Fruits of peach contain to 15% of Saccharum, a saccharose and glucose enters in their composition, there is also fructose, but less. Organic acids, but not a lot (apple, wine, lemon, quinine) - to 0,8 %. Pectin matters -0,6- 1,3 %, cellulose - 0,9 %. The fruits of peach are rich on carotin ~ 0,65-5,5 мg/100 g, contain 5,6-8,1 мg/100 g of vitamin of E, 22-110 mg/kg of nicotine acid. Level of maturity of pulp - 0,55-0,70%. In the ash of peaches found out 27 mineral elements, in particular, potassium - 300-350, gland - in 2,1 мg/100 g.

Planted all, ga Sorts Planned harvest, tone
39 Goldish, Gold Yubiley, Redhaven, Lola, Tourist, Kremlin, Luscious 144

Plum - (Prunus domestica)

Equipments of enterprise allow to freeze plums without stones, by halves

There is 10-12 % of Saccharum in the plum from raw mass, acids 0,8%, mineral matters 0,5%. There are vitamins C, A, В1, В2.

Planted all, ga Sorts Planned harvest, tone
14 Reine-claude Altana, Reine-claude Early, Titmouse 140

Pear - (Pyrus domestica)

Fruits of pear are used in a meal fresh or dry. They are used in non-alcoholic, liqueur and spirits industries and other food industry, for the production of juices, syrups, extracts, wines, fillings, kvass. Fruits are raw material for preparation of vinegar, pear mustard. Dry fruits serve as the substitute of tea and coffee.

The fruits of pear contain Saccharum (9-10% ), apple, lemon acids (to 1 %), tannic and pectin matters, essential oils, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamin C (12 - 22 мg% ), carotin and vitamin В1. More old fruits are more delicious.

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