About us

«Kalyna» Ltd. is the Ukrainian company, founded on May, 15 in 1997 in a city Kovel, Volyn region. The basic type of our activity is a purveyance and realization of wild and cultural berries and mushrooms and their primary treatment, wholesale trading of agricultural product, fruit, and vegetables.

For the years of existence the company recommended itself like a stable and reliable subject of economic activity both on Ukrainian national market and in foreign countries. In 2000 the company buys the first refrigeration chamber with production place in 500 tone of storage. Later we build and equipped refrigeration machines for expansion of possibilities of object.

And already today refrigeration powers of enterprise are extraordinarily large and have 2 tunnels of shock light frosts, with power of freezing of products to 30 tone during the day each, chamber freezing - to 25 tone during the day. The power of storage of the frozen products contains 2000-3000 tone of simultaneous storage (depending on the type of products).

The company «Kalyna» Ltd. supplies raw material from its own ground. We till two thousand hectares of ground, from which we get about 2000 tone of corn, 1000 tone of vegetables, 500 tone of strawberry, 1000 tone of fruit and others.

Experience of work proves that the basic principles of our activity are: quality, modernity and reliability. It is confirmed application in the production of the most modern technologies, personal professional approach and trust of users, which was conquered long-term and irreproachable work.

We believe in the bright future of our country. So the duty of our company is to develop partner relationships with foreign companies.

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