The refrigeration complex of the company “Kalyna” Ltd. is in town Kovel which is the center of Volyn Polissya. The length of the forests round a city is more than 300 km.

The geographical placing of our enterprise allows providing the gifts of the forest without difficulty. Due to the fast delivery of the fresh-gathering berries and mushrooms to the production, a food value and utility of products is not lost. The content of radionuclide is strictly controlled by the workers of company.

The direct partners of company “Kalyna” Ltd. are 3 farmers which provide powers of enterprise with the products of own production. In case of increase of orders or expansion of assortment the purchase of products is conducted at economies-partners which work in all of regions of Ukraine and abroad. Quality of raw material is confirmed the conclusions of laboratories of our economies, and also certificates of quality of firms-partners.

Garden-stuffs and berries

The wild berries are the treasure of Ukrainian Polissya. The variety of nourishing properties of the forest berries are amazing .Technologic lines of our company can freeze, calibrate, clean, and sort out to 100 tone fresh-gathering berries during a day. For example: a fluids tunnel of shock freeze (that we have two) is able in some minutes to freeze a product to minus 30С!


Company «Kalyna» Ltd. has a powerful refrigeration complex, which can keep a 1000 tone of fresh fruit and vegetables simultaneously. Storage is possible in a gas environment.

The volumes of processing and freezing of fruit on freeze-plant are increased annually in a multiple size. Processing: washing, cutting, calibration, dissociating of stone from pulp, conducted on the Italian equipment. In the plans of company, in 2008, to complement technological lines with a machine, that cooks fruits in its own juice.

The fruit gardens of firms-partners count more than 10 000 hectare. Assortment: cherries, black cherries, plums, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, vine and much other.
Vegetables-barbecue, the grill. TM Solomiyka

TM “Solomiyka” presents unique technology of treatment of vegetables, which has well recommended itself in Europe. You have a nice opportunity to complement your table of vegetables-barbecue. Grill, can become the ginger of garnish and king of exclusive foods. In the list of vegetables-barbecue, grill enters:
• eggplants grill;
• zucchini (marrow) grill;
• paprika grill.

A grill – is a marking the surface of vegetables with the straight lines, with a method of passing ring or laminate (form) between two hot billows. As a result of this operation the surface of vegetables has the baked track in depth of 1mm; distance between straights is 10mm, width of the straights marking is 3mm.

The process of processing of usual for us vegetables in an unusual form is conducted on the hi-tech Italian equipment. Exclusive and delicious taste is confirmed by millions of the satisfied gourmets of Europe and the entire world. Vegetables-barbecue, a grill was confidently occupied the shelf in the refrigerators of restaurants, fast-foods, pizzerias and on the counters of markets in the comfortable for the user packing.

The dishes prepared on a grill make us fell like on the outdoor relax. The taste of vegetables-barbecue bring us in the atmosphere of picnic, so you can forget about usual every day life at list for a while. The light smell of smog gets us to the company of barbecue and hot billows.
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